Bangkok, Thailand - Qualtech, a leading provider of medical devices and solutions, recently concluded a successful ASEAN regional business development meeting and training event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Held from November 23rd to 26th, the event brought together representatives from Qualtech's headquarters in Taiwan and across the ASEAN region, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Fostering Unity and Collaboration
Qualtech’s meeting served as a powerful catalyst for strengthening relationships and building a sense of unity among the culturally diverse team. 

Representatives from Qualtech headquarters – Dr. Yin-Pen Chang, Travis Hsu, Irene Lu, Angela Lee, Kit Lai, and Sophia Ming-Hua T. – joined forces with regional supervisors like ZH Yee (Malaysia), Arwinda Gusviputri (Indonesia), Yiyi Yang (Thailand), and Vivian Thuy Vy (Vietnam). 

This collaborative spirit laid the groundwork for overcoming regional challenges and achieving shared goals.


Commitment to Quality Remains at the Core of Qualtech's Vision
Qualtech's unwavering dedication to quality service was a central theme throughout the meeting. 
Participants actively engaged in discussions on the latest updates in the quality document structure under ISO 13485, ensuring all in-house medical device regulatory officers remained knowledgeable of the highest international standards. 

Charting a Strategic Course for Qualtech’s Growth
Strategic planning sessions played a vital role in shaping Qualtech's future direction in the ASEAN region. These sessions involved meticulous medical device market research, analyzing the unique economic and healthcare landscapes of each country. 

Such in-depth analysis allowed the team to tailor strategies for each local market, ensuring agility and responsiveness to the ever-evolving medical device market dynamics and valuable customer insights.


Qualtech Embraces Cultural Diversity
The event offered a unique opportunity for a Thai cultural immersion. 
A guided tour of Chulalongkorn University, a prestigious Thai institution with a rich history, provided the Qualtech team members with a deeper understanding of the local culture and drew inspiration from one of the most influential academic institutions in the region.


A Shared Vision for the Future of Qualtech in ASEAN
Qualtech’s ASEAN regional business development meeting concluded as a resounding success. The collaborative spirit, coupled with a commitment to quality and strategic planning, positions Qualtech for continued growth in the ASEAN region and beyond.