OMETA (Overseas Medical Equipment Technical Assistants), a non-profit organization hosted the very first seminar in Bangkok on February 17-19,2020. The seminar principally focuses on ThaiFDA new regulation and the overall Japan business industry in Thailand. Qualtech Thailand is very delighted to assist and corporate, respectively ended this thriving seminar for all attendees.

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Figure 1: Group photo of ThaiFDA members, OMETA members and QT members after the meeting. The photo is taken in Ms. Korrapt Trisarnsri (The lady in purple blouse) office, Director of Medical Device Control Division Food and Drug Administration.

OMETA Seminar in Bangkok journey started with the meeting with ThaiFDA. The agenda of the meeting is as follows: Update information regarding ThaiFDA regulations; Update information regarding Japan PMDA and exchange of opinions. OMETA seminar members received a very warm-hearted welcome from ThaiFDA members. Both parties, OMETA Seminar members and ThaiFDA members were engaged in very enlightening discussions. It can be observed that ThaiFDA has scouted many young generations to the organization as they are proposing to transfer from following policy-based medical device registration to risk-based medical device registration.

Figure 2: Thailand Medical Device Registration Workshop hosted by Qualtech Thailand

Qualtech Thailand hosted Thailand Medical Device Registration Workshop for OMETA Seminar in Bangkok. Presentation outline of the workshop mainly focus on: Registration Updates and Process and Registration timeframe and Fee. The workshop served as a platform for OMETA Seminar members to deliberate and discussed on any confusions they have over Thailand Medical Device Registration. The presence of Mamoru Yano, OMETA Secretary General, at the workshop perfectly contribute this workshop as a One-Stop Service workshop for OMETA Seminar members.

Figure 3: Group photo of Paramount bed Thailand members, OMETA members and QT members during the visit.

As mentioned, the seminar likewise focuses on Japan business industry in Thailand. OMETA Seminar members were invited to visit Paramount bed Thailand showroom. Paramount Bed is a steadily expanding company, they have devotedly shared their key to become a successful business model, as well as their achievement in their business network worldwide.