Indonesia is currently strengthening their regulations on Telecommunication Equipment Testing and Certification, which includes telecommunication medical devices. In order to increase the transparency and effectiveness of telecommunication equipment testing services, the Implementation Guidelines on procedures for Telecommunication Equipment Testing Process at the Telecommunication Device Testing Center (id: Balai Besar Pengujian Perangkat Telekomunikasi – BBPPT) needs to be updated. With this, a Decree from the Head of BBPPT No. 36/2024 has been published concerning the Guidelines for The Implementation of Telecommunication Equipment Testing Services at BBPPT.

Services that are provided by BBPPT are the assessment of Technical Standards for the purposes of Telecommunication Equipment Certification; and the research, trials, proficiency tests, stability tests, comparative tests, picking tests, and tests of Telecommunication Equipment monitoring and control. Testing can be done in two ways:

a. On-site testing, in which testing is done in the product's manufacturing site. This is usually conducted for high-risk testing, heavy and big products, products that need high electrical power, and when product is part of a system on-site.

b. In-house testing, where the testing is done in BBPPT Labs.

The number of test products submitted for testing needs to be according to the number of features to be tested, since one product can only be used to test one feature at a time. If the number of test products submitted is not the same as the number of features to be tested, the testing time will take longer.

The number and types of features to be tested will impact the amount of testing fee. Aside from this, the transportation and accommodation fees will also be charged for on-site testing. Registrants can go to the BBPPT Website to fill in and upload the technical data needed for submission. After the data is verified and payment has been made, the testing procedures will take place, and the test report will be issued once it is finished.

Aside from this, Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Informatics is creating a system to integrate the process of Application, Testing, and Certification by integrating SIMPEL (platform for BBPPT Testing) & NG Certification platform to Online Single Submission (OSS) Application using Machine to Machine (M2M) data transfer. This will make the application process easier and traceable by providing one-stop service for registrants.

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Decree from the Head of BBPPT No. 36/2024

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