Qualtech Consulting would like to invite you to our free online Webinar on the subject of "New CER Requirements in China". Our event is scheduled to be held on January 21st (Friday), 2022.

Depending on your place of location, the webinar will start at:

  • •  10 am (Central European Summer Time),
  • •  4 pm (GMT+8) local time in Taiwan,
  • •  5 pm (GMT+9) local time in Japan.

By joining our Webinar, you will be thoroughly informed about the new CER requirements in China. Therefore, shall this Webinar be of interest to you or one of your colleagues, please be sure to register for the event using the following
Sign-Up Link (limited seats available).


Webinar Agenda:

  1. 1. Why using a CER is Beneficial?
  2. 2. The Updated NMPA Regulations for Clinical Evaluation Reports in China
  3. 3. NMPA’s Decision Pathway for Clinical Requirements
  4. 4. Key Elements of a CER in China
  5. 5. A Comparison with the CER Requirements in the EU (MEDDEV 2.7.1. Rev. 4)


Event Speakers:

  • •  Ms. Irene Lu
  • •  Ms. Anne Huang