With the issuance of Government Regulation No.39 / 2021 on February 2021, the government explained types of products that must be certified halal by Halal Assurance Agency (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal / “BPJPH”).

As stated in article 2 of Government Regulation No. 39/2021

Products that enter, circulate, and are traded in the territory of Indonesia must be certified halal, except those originating from prohibited materials (Haram).

In this regulation, medical devices that contain animal derivatives are also included as the products need to have halal certification. The following is the timeline for the enforcement of the regulation

Risk Class

Due Date of Enforcement


17 October 2026


17 October 2029


17 October 2034


To be determined

Following is the workflow of the Halal Certification

  • Application

Option A:

Foreign manufacturers are expected to have registered halal certification from foreign halal institutions in their own country that have collaborated to mutually recognize Halal Certificates with BPJPH. The full list of collaborated institutions is forthcoming.

Document Requirements: Applicant Data; a copy of the foreign Halal Certificate of the relevant Product which has been legalized by an Indonesian representative abroad; a list of goods to be imported into Indonesia; complete with a code number for the harmonization system; and a written statement that the documents submitted are true and still valid.

Option B:

In the event that the local country does not recognize the foreign halal institution of its country, the halal certification of the product can be carried out in Indonesia.

Documents that will be required:

Document Requirements: Applicant Data; Name and type of product; List of Products and Materials used; and Product Manufacturing process.

  • Verification

BPJPH checks the completeness of the Halal Certificate application documents within a period of 1 (one) day from the time the application is received by BPJPH.

  • Determination of LPH (for option B only)

When the halal certificate application document is declared complete, the Halal Inspection Agency (LPH) will be determined.

  • Inspection/Testing (for option B only)

LPH will conduct an inspection and/or halal examination of products for approximately 15 days - 30 days along with compliance. Then, LPH submits the results of the inspection and/or testing of the product’s Halal compliance to the Indonesian Ulema Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia / “MUI”)  with a copy to BPJPH.

  • Fatwa Halal

Determination of Halal is carried out by the MUI

  • Halal Certificate

Issuance of Halal Certificate by BPJPH shall be carried out within a period of 1 (one) day from the date, the decision to determine the product's Halal from the MUI is accepted by BPJPH. Halal certificates are valid for the same validity period of Halal Certificates issued by foreign halal institutions (for option A) or 4 years (for option B).

  • Labelling Compliancy

If a product has been determined, it is mandatory to add the following label to the product packaging, based on its results:

  • - Halal (halal logo and certification or registration no)
  • - Not Halal (includes non-halal information in the form of pictures, writing, and/or name of material with a different color in the composition of the material).

The full regulation can be seen in the link below (in Indonesian):

Government Regulation No. 39/2021



Government Regulation No. 39/202 Concerning Halal Product Assurance Implementation.