E-catalogue is an online shopping platform created by the National Public Procurement Agency (Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah or LKPP) that allows public hospitals or any government related institution to purchase goods/services required, including medical device equipment. On 11th February 2022, there’s been a shift on the e-catalogue mechanism for medical devices. Previously, e-catalogue was managed under LKPP and was referred to as the National E-Catalogue but now it will be managed by the Ministry of Health and referred to as the Sectoral E-Catalogue.

The main difference on this update is the management institution. However, some of the mechanisms will change as well. The following are some changes that are worthy to note:

1. E-catalogue registration will be opened for the whole year (until December 2022) and it’s possible that this will continue in the following year.

2. Submission of e-catalogue documentation can be done every first week of the month (from Mon-Fri at 08:00 – 16:00).

3. Verification and verification result checking will be done in the 6th-15th working days in every month. While the contract signing and featuring product in e-catalogue will be done in the 16th working day until the end of the month.

4. There’s no price negotiation process anymore, the price will become the responsibility of the registrant. However, during the registration, the registrant is required to include price structure in their application.

Consequently, MoH announced the opening of its sectoral E-Catalogue for Health Facilities. With the opening of the sectoral e-catalogue, medical device manufacturers and distributors may list their products in the e-catalogue.

Registration is open from 11th February 2022 until 30th November 2022. Listed products will be showcased in
https://e-katalog.lkpp.go.id/. For the list of medical devices that can be registered in the E-catalogue, please refer to the following link (annex 1, page 5 – 73).



Official Announcement of the Opening of MoH Sectoral E-Catalogue for Health Facilities