At the end of 2022 (30/12/2022), the Procurement Bureau of the Ministry of Health (Biro Pengadaan Barang Dan Jasa Kementerian Kesehatan or PBJ KEMENKES) together with the National Public Procurement Agency (Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah or LKPP) held a socialization for all private health facilities affiliated with the National Health Insurance program regarding the E-purchasing access in the MoH Sectoral E-katalog.

To provide universal health protection guarantees for its citizens, the Indonesian government issued a mandatory national program called the National Health Insurance (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional or JKN). As a fulfillment, the program contracted various public and private health facilities to provide healthcare services.

During the socialization, LKPP and PBJ KEMENKES plan to expand E-purchasing access for private health facilities participating as JKN provider to allow transactions of medical devices in the e-katalog starting from January 2023. Previously, E-purchasing access for those private health facilities was limited to only medicinal products.

According to PBJ KEMENKES, there are more than 2000 private health facilities of JKN providers that own an E-purchasing account (per December 2022), signifying an increase of potential customers from the private health sectors for e-katalog providers (business actors) that registered their medical devices in the MoH Sectoral E-katalog. However, the mechanism in the MoH Sectoral E-katalog for providers will stay the same as outlined in the
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