In the framework of the availability of safe, useful, quality, and affordable medical devices as well as the creation of a healthy environment, the Directorate General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices is responsible for revoking marketing licenses and supervising the medical device that contain mercury.  
Regarding withdrawal and elimination of medical devices that contain mercury, the following are some matters that must be done by Head of medical devices manufacturer and Head of medical device distributor in throughout Indonesia: 
1. Withdraw all medical devices containing mercury that are still sold in market (medical devices distributors, medical equipment stores, and pharmacies). 
2. Withdrawn medical devices temporarily stored medical devices storage and must be stored in separate area, marked as “RECALL”. 
3. Destruction of the medical device is carried out according to the procedures adopted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry or doing re-export. 
4. Report the withdrawal and destruction of medical devices containing mercury to the Ministry of Health through the General Director of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. 


Announcement of Withdrawal and Removal of Medical Devices that Contain Mercury.