December 24, 2019

In the past weeks, Qualtech has participated in the following three events: MEDICA in Germany, the Design of Medical Device Conference in Shanghai and the OMETA Seminar in Osaka.

MEDICA in Germany:

Qualtech is very grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with a German company at the MEDICA International Trade Fair and for having had the chance to meet and discuss with various medical device manufacturers and other consulting companies throughout the event. MEDICA is the biggest medical technology exhibition in the world, which connects companies to companies. This year, more than 5,500 exhibitors from 71 countries have attended the large-scale event.

QT Activity Dec 19 4

QT Activity Dec 19 5


Design of Medical Device Conference in Shanghai:

The DMD, Design of Medical Device Conference, is one of the largest conferences in the world, which aims to strengthen the cooperation between the academic world and the industry. Focusing on, among other aspects, the facilitation of medical device-related policies, as well as research and education at the University of Minnesota and around the world. This year in December, the DMD was held in China, with the theme of “international exchanges and technological innovation”. Qualtech and its members were honored to have been invited to this pivotal event.

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OMETA Seminar in Osaka:

In the seminar of OMETA, Overseas Medical Equipment Technical Assistants, Qualtech’s Beijing Office manager participated as a lecturer to discuss the latest trend of medical device regulations in China. She is responsible for hands-on work such as witnessing medical device testing at laboratories and interviewing with the NMPA auditors. If you have any questions about China Registration, please feel free to inquire to us.

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