Qualtech Webinars 2023

Qualtech organized four important webinars, each discussing crucial regulatory changes in various regions. We covered the following key areas:

  • •  Korea Market Expansion and China NMPA Updates
  • •  Medical Device Regulation and Reliability Inspection in Japan PMDA
  • •  EU MDR Updates
  • •  ASEAN Regulation Updates

These webinars aimed at equipping our team and audience with valuable information to stay well-informed and prepared in the constantly evolving regulatory landscape. As we look back on these webinars, we would like to extend our appreciation to our speakers for the opportunity to share the knowledge they have.

Qualtech Beyond Borders

Qualtech was devoted to promoting collaboration and growth. We conducted two major overseas trainings for our team this year.

  • •  Business development meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, with our ASEAN team leaders.
  • •  Team-building training in Kunming, China, with our Beijing members

These overseas trainings focus on strategic planning, embracing cultural diversity, strengthening collaboration and camaraderie among our international colleagues. These overseas training programs not only empower our team members but also fortify Qualtech's position as a globally competitive and culturally intelligent company.

Continuous Learning

Collaboration and continuous learning have always been Qualtech’s core values. As such, Qualtech organizes monthly trainings featuring external experts in the fields of internal medicine, biomaterials, and engineering. In addition to our monthly trainings, Qualtech actively facilitated collaborative engagement through a series of 40+ in-house expert meetings held throughout the year. These gatherings serve as forums for our members to discuss and address current issues, share best practices, and collaborate on solutions. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of our team members contribute to rich and dynamic discussions, fostering an environment of continuous learning and shared insights. 

New office in South Korea

In a significant move, Qualtech achieved a significant milestone by establishing a new office in Korea, marking our official entry into the Korean medical device market. Our strategic expansion reinforces our global presence in the medical device landscape. Setting up operations in Korea not only opens doors for collaboration but also positions Qualtech as a significant player in the Korean regulatory landscape.

Year-end celebration with Qualtech’s consultants and partners

Finally, to end the year on a cheerful note, our year-end party was a joyful gathering that included team members from global offices. It was a mix of celebration and sharing across cultures. Looking back, we take pride in the strong bonds we formed and the progress we made in uniting our team towards common goals.

We hope you get ready for an exciting 2024 with Qualtech! We have planned more engaging webinars, expanded our reach, and are more committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. Join us on this journey as we embrace new opportunities and strive for excellence in the coming year!

Qualtech year-end party 2023