In 2000, Qualtech was established in Taipei. Since then, Qualtech has established several locations around the world. Over the years, Qualtech has always insisted on providing high-quality medical equipment services such as regulatory consultation, product registration, clinical design and implementation, local authorized registration, and post-market surveillance. In addition to providing professional services, we also do not forget the social responsibility that belongs to Qualtech. Since Qualtech is engaged in the medical-related industry, we focus more on helping and caring for underprivileged groups.

In April 2022, As Qualtech colleagues in Beijing communicated and verified with the local section chief, that we decide to support two children who need help in China. One of the children, both his parents had abandoned the family since he was a baby. Thus, he mostly relies on his elderly grandparents' care and their income is from the government's meager allowance. The other child is from a low-income family. Her father suffers from mental illness, and they mainly rely on his mother's part-time jobs and government subsidies to live.

On May 5, 2022, Qualtech provided the first funding to the two children. After that, on the 5th of each month, Qualtech regularly funding and contact the children to check whether they need some additional supplies. The children are grateful every time they receive the money. We look forward to the time when the epidemic is cool down, and colleagues from our Beijing office will also set off to visit these children. Qualtech is happy to sow some seeds of care for this society.