About Hospital Expo

Indonesian International Hospital Expo, which was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta on Oct. 18-21, 2017, is often used to gauge the overall medical device industry in Indonesia. The exhibition showcases cover the whole spectrum of Hospitals & Medical Equipment industry, including hospital washing machine, clinical laboratory, diagnostic instrument and hospital furniture, the entire supply chain.

2017 Statistic

    According to the post-show figures from the organizer, PT. OSI, indicate that medical device should be set for a prosperous year ahead in 2018 of a record-breaking attendance of more than 43,869 and 518 exhibitors from 46 countries. Around 40% of exhibitors were international, with more than 54% from China, 22% from Taiwan and 12% from South Korea. Visitors range widely from government officials, hospital owners or management, CEOs and doctors.

What we observed

The Indonesian medical device market is growing at 12.7% annually, twice the rate at which the world market is growing. With the goal to accomplish the Universal Health Coverage for the country’s population by 2019, the local governments are preparing the facilities and infrastructure to meet the boosting demand for Hospitals & Medical Equipment. As the Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang (National Public Procurement Agency) requires all the products sold to public hospitals must be listed on e-Catalogue along with its price, it can be easily seen that most distributors at the Hospital Expo have followed this voluntary system and shown the e-Catalogue mark at their booths in order to catch the eyes from the hospital owners and management personnel.

A huge proportion of the exhibits are hospital-infrastructure-related, including anesthesiology devices, neonatal care devices, diagnostic medical equipments and general surgery devices. For aesthetic market in Indonesia, you may take a glance at the exhibition held in each September, Beauty Professional Indonesia (https://www.beautyprofessional.co.id/index.php), which is devoted to aesthetic equipment & device and aesthetic technology. For the post-show fact of BPI this year, please click here. In a nutshell, Indonesia, being one of the strongest emerging markets in the ASEAN medical device industry, presents great opportunities for all international medical device companies to explore and benefit from.

      One of the challenges to commercialize medical device in Indonesia is the distribution channel management. Since Indonesia is geographically fragmented across many large and small islands, it can be difficult to navigate. The major league medical device distributors have set their own branch offices in Java(Surabaya, Bandung or Semarang), Sumatera(Medan or Pekanbaru) or Sulawesi(Makassar). Distributors who are specialized in specific field would cooperate with local agent or sub-distributor in order to cover nationwide channels. Considering that Indonesia MOH does not have concept of license transferring, the marketing authorization can easily get stuck if the relationship goes sour and it would lead to a whole new registration process again for the manufacturer. A trusted partner is essential towards strong and successful business in Indonesia.

We offer

        Qualtech can be your gateway to successfully grow your business in Indonesia. Whether you are looking for a trustworthy partner to attain marketing authorization approval for your product or getting the latest market insight, Qualtech is your one-stop regulatory solution towards medical device in Asia.

*For the official statistic report, please refer to https://www.hospital-expo.com/post-show-report-hospital-expo-2017