PUTRAJAYA - The Project High Performance MDA event, A Day With CEO, took place on 7 June 2023, held at Level C Conference Hall, Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC), Putrajaya.

The event saw the Chief Executive of the Medical Devices Authority (MDA), deliver his presentation in the perspective of the achievement of the 100-day administration of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Muralitharan Paramasua at the helm of the Medical Device Authority (MDA).

During that period, there are several things that have been implemented by Dr Muralitharan Paramasua. Among the things that have been implemented are announcing the implementation of the BayarNow system, creating an E-Certificate, speeding up the registration system, as well as establishing a relationship with MITI to help the industry.

  • • Talked with MITI about upstream, downstream, tax incentives etc., and MITI agrees to assist the medical device industry get connected with the MDA for special attention.  Now, the medical device industry is one of the high impact sectors visited under the wider vision. Also, MDA plan to introduce new incentives for the industry which the details is present in the near future. 
  • • Re-engineered the level of approvals. Initially, there were four (4) stages (evaluation, verification, recommendation and then approval). Now, MDA decided to have three (3) levels of approval which is evaluation, verification, and approval.
  • • The harmonization of standards (under discussion), which any medical devices registered in Malaysia should be accepted in other countries or vice versa. 
  • • MDA started off the development of the e-permit system. From January to May 2024 will be transition period as it's in the development process. From 1st June 2024 onwards, it will be mandatory.

The agenda presented by Dr. Muralitharan has opened the eyes of many parties, especially the medical and health device industry. There are many changes implemented by him throughout his 100 days of service at MDA as the CEO.




MDA High Performance Project Conference