In the past Thai FDA had perpetually notified manufacturers / importer / distributors regarding the acute adverse effect of powdered surgical gloves to end-users or patients. Respectively, with high concern Thai FDA has officially announced the prohibition of manufacturing, importation or sale of powdered surgical gloves. This move is to ensure safety control to end-users or patients and prevention of adverse effect from the use of powdered surgical gloves. In short:

1. Powdered surgical gloves are prohibited from manufacturing, importation, or sale.

2. Powdered surgical gloves for exportation only, shall be exempted from the announcement. 

3. This decree shall come into force from November 5, 2020 onwards.

Ministry of Public Health Announcement Regarding Prohibition of Manufacturing, Importation or Sale of Powdered Surgical Gloves 2020

THAILAND: Food and Drug Administration Announcement Regarding Certain Control Measures for Powdered Surgical Gloves