Decision of the Head of LKPP No 122/2022
On 1st April 2022, the National Public Procurement Agency (Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah or LKPP) issued provision No 122/2022 concerning Procedures for Organizing Electronic Catalogues. This provision shortens the business process of registering as e-Katalog providers into only two stages, namely registration and product listing for national, sectoral, and local e-Katalog, respectively.

Business actors would only need to register through the Electronic Procurement Service (Layanan Pengadaan Secara Elektronik or LPSE) then fill their qualification in the Provider Performance System (Sistem Kinerja Penyedia or SiKAP). Qualified business actors would be able to access the e-Katalog application and proceed to list their products in the e-Katalog system accordingly.

The full process of listing goods/services in the sectoral or local e-Katalog from e-Katalog managers (ministry/government institution/local government) to e-Katalog providers (business actors) can be seen in the following diagram:

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Figure 1: Process Flow of Listing Goods/Services in the Sectoral or Local E-Katalog

“Showcase” according to the provision is defined as a grouping of a collection of categories, sub categories, and/or products of goods/services listed in the National, Sectoral or Local Electronic Catalogues.

Update on MoH Sectoral E-Katalog Mechanisms
MoH has made an announcement in conjunction to the issuance of the decision of the head of the LKPP number 122 of 2022 concerning the Procedure for Organizing Electronic Catalogue, which changed the mechanisms mentioned in a
previous article for MoH Sectoral E-Katalog. Previously, e-Katalog submissions had to go through the verification procedures and were scheduled throughout the month. However, the current provision allows bid documents submission to be always carried out in accordance with applicable regulations. The verification process is also no longer carried out in the process of electronic catalogues. With this, E-katalog providers can now list their products under the Ministry of Health Sectoral Health Facilities (Fasilitas Kesehatan Sektoral Kemenkes).

Article Update:
Following the change of mechanisms in the MoH Sectoral E-katalog, the MoH also updated its list of medical devices to be registered in the e-katalog, which can be found in the following link (part A, page 1 – 75). There’s an addition of 131 types of products included in the list. Hence, the total product types of medical devices for the E-katalog are currently at 1552.



Notification of Bid Submission Schedule for MoH Sectoral E-Catalogue

E-Katalog Announcement