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The Product - MedStage® SmartTonoTracker®

● The award-winning MedStage® and SmartTonoTracker® System is a cloud-based application, which is used for detection, monitoring, and treatment of eye diseases, such as glaucoma.
The system comprises of two separate but interconnected applications, one for the patients (SmartTonoTracker) and one for the healthcare professional (MedStage), respectively.
● On the healthcare professional’s side, the application enables storage, visualization, and analysis of clinical data, images, videos, and eye pressure values.
● Equipped with a self-tonometer, the patient can measure the eye pressure values at home and the information is automatically transferred into the SmartTonoTracker® software, if coupled; for example; with Implandata Ophthalmic GmbH’s Eyemate®.
● The ophthalmologist is then able to view the respective data, and can suggest/adjust treatment to slow down progression or prevent glaucoma-related vision loss and blindness. 
● The MedStage® and SmartTonoTracker® System thus allows to perform remote ophthalmic diagnoses, in order to reduce long-distance trips to clinics in rural areas.
● More than 20,000 patients have already been treated telemedically with the MedStage® and SmartTonoTracker® System. The system is used daily by various medical institutions for tele-eye consultations such as the Neurological Clinic of the Charite Hospital in Berlin, and big corporations including the German Telekom.
● Additional applicability of MedStage® are in the areas of diabetes, arterial hypertension, stroke, or concussions.
● The application is EU CE-certified as a Class IIa medical device product by TÜV Rheinland.

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