We are happy to announce that there was an outstanding opportunity for Qualtech’s Osaka office to join and present our expertise regarding the ASEAN’s medical device market at Tokyo University.

On 5th October 2022, Tokyo University Japan Biodesign held a seminar and invited professionals with decision-making authority in corporate management to share hands-on experience in healthcare business in emerging countries. In this seminar Qualtech’s Osaka office took part to introduce an overview of the ASEAN’s medical device regulations (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia) and the respective roles of the authorized representative. The following represent the major topics discussed during this seminar.

Part 1 – Product development to meet demands of the emerging countries

Part 2 – Business expansion in emerging countries

Part 3 – Product development and business expansion in emerging countries

Part 4 – Services that Tokyo University will introduce in emerging countries.

We are truly thankful for this opportunity to contribute to a very fruitful and thorough discussion. For inquires related to regulatory updates in ASEAN, please kindly contact Christian.s@qualtechs.com




開発途上国・新興国がビジネスチャンスに! ニーズに合った医療機器開発のノウハウ | 東京大学 (u-tokyo.ac.jp) (Translation: Business Opportunities in Developing and Emerging Countries. Know-how on medical device development |The University of Tokyo)