Owing to the requirements promoted by the Ministry of Finance concerning electronic payment for administrative fees, NMPA decided to start using electronic payment for drug and medical device registration fees. The related matters are announced as below: 

1. Applicants submit the application of drug or medical devices on the website of NMPA. The corresponding center for evaluation will review. After confirmation, an electronic payment code will be sent to applicants through SMS by the payment system of the Ministry of Finance. Payment can be made by various approaches, such as online, counter, bank exchange, transfer etc. An e-receipt of electronic payment will be sent to applicants via email within 10 working days after the payment is confirmed.

2. The E-receipt is legally equal to a paper receipt.

3. Electronic Payment starts from the date of the circular announced.



NMPA’s Circular on the Use of Electronic Payment Forms for Drug and Medical Device Product Registration Fees (No. 37 of 2022)