The presence of COVID-19 outbreaks in the world made IAPI (Association of Indonesian Procurement Experts) together with PERSI (Association of Hospitals throughout Indonesia) created an emergency medical equipment procurement information system (SIRAT) that can be accessed by hospitals, distributors and people who want to distribute donations. The purpose of this application is to reduce the supply chain of the distribution of Medical devices to make it fast, precise, and safe.

The features provided in this application are as follows:

1. eCatalog: a feature used to publish catalogs owned by medical devices providers / distributors.

2. eRFI: features used to publicize the need for medical devices from health facilities.

3. ePurchasing: a feature used to help order management and delivery systems.

4. eDonation: features used to help manage donations from the public or companies.

The following is the flow process in the procurement of medical devices covid-19 related in SIRAT:

Following step must be done by the company who would like to be a supplier prior featuring their products in SIRAT

The digital documents required are deed of incorporation (CV or PT), NIB (business permit number), Medical equipment distributor permit (IPAK), Tax Identification Number (NPWP) and Statement letter.


INDONESIA: Provision of Customs and / or Excise Facilities as well as Taxation of Imported Goods for the Purpose of Handling COVID-19

- INDONESIA: Good Submission Practice Class A and B for Surgical  Instrument Registration


Brochure of SIRAT

User Manual Registration SIRAT

Short Manual for Registration SIRAT

General Requirement SIRAT

Quick Guide SIRAT