January 10, 2020

“Essential Regulatory Requirements for Medical Device Approval” Seminar by The Medical Products Consortium of Thailand: MPCT on 27-28 February 2020 is being hosted for the first time in Thailand aiming to promote research develop medical device innovation through the certification assessment process of The Food and Drug Administration Medicine accordingly to international guidelines                                            


1. Comprehend the laws, regulations, standards and quality control systems at the international level.

2. Comprehend and understand promotion mechanisms and control systems Thailand

3. Comprehend the standard system and assessment system in Thailand

4. Able to correctly plan the research procedure, development of medical device innovation

5. Increase the number of innovative medical device products that enter the registration system of Office of the board of directors Food and Drug Administration and certified by law

Online submission is available starting from middle of December 2019 to 31 January 2019.

TH Jan 2020-4


Essential Regulatory Requirement for Medical Device Approval