In Indonesia, E-Katalog become the most popular platform for the public hospital or government related institution to find required medical device equipment. In October, Government invite Medical Device Company to submit an offering of Medical Devices and Household Health Supplies products to be included in E-Katalog. Local manufactured medical device will become priority to be included in e-Katalog. This is a long a waited moment since the government only open the registration once a year.
The election schedule as follows :

Registration is done by filling out a registration form via the following link. Election documents can be downloaded at this link.

Additional Information:
➢ Offering documents consist of:
1. Qualification and Administration Documents.
2. Technical and Price Offering Documents
➢ Registrant company must have a Medical Device Distribution License, Import Medical Devices Marketing Authorization Certificate
➢ List of non-government and government offering prices for each product.
➢ For imported products, it must include latest Imported Goods Declaration / Pemberitahuan Impor Barang (PIB) document at least issued in 2016 along with its Tax Invoice, and Commercial Invoice for each product item that will be offered
➢ Examination, Evaluation, Clarification and Negotiation done by the knockout method

But, November 14th 2019 MoH announced that there is a change in MoH's policy so that the electronic sectoral catalog would be change as follows :
1. The implementation of sectoral e-Katalog is delayed for an indefinite time
2. The application that has not / is in the process of being selected will be processed if there is further directives from the Head of e-Katalog Sectoral


1) Election Medical Devices And Household-Health Product and Product List 



4) Policy changes at the Indonesian Ministry of Health