In this mid-November, a border between the autumn and winter.

The leaf should be red and sear.

The sky should be chill and drear.

However, the sun does not let go his responsibility. 

Here at Da'an Forest Park, the blazing sun is mocked at us.

As sunshine slipped through the golden leaf, you can feel his enthusiastic. 

This seems to be a welcome ceremony for the children from the deep mountain.

The air was sultry, and there was no wind at all.

Though, children are still full of vitality, joking with school teachers.

Relaxing sitting on the grass, eating their bento.

These children are from Sinabalan Primary in Xinyi Nantou County, where all the kids are Taiwanese aborigines.

Sinapalan in their language symbolizing the birth of abundant life resources.

This group of kids also has a rich and incredible vocal range, just like their language.

As time passes, the children put on their traditional clothes and performed on stage. Listening to the wonderful with the slightly hot autumn wind.

Thus, it is clear why they won the championship in 2022 Nantou County chorus competition, which they also represent Nantou County to participate in the national competition!

Even though they full of the beautiful voice of god’s gift, lack of resources may act as a barrier to any child seeking education.

The resources that this group of children receive are far from sufficient.

Qualtech made a little contribution to the school each year, to keep their talents from being buried.

And this time we also donate some paint related materials to provide these children a better environment during art class.

Wishing the children can grow up healthy and happy!

And the lovely children also took a thank-you message for us.

On a serene afternoon, take a moment to enjoy and listen to this wonderful song and blessings