Interested parties and prospective clients can now check registered products and firms in the Philippines via  PFDA’s new FDA Verification Portal launched last 29-Sep-20.

Previously, the PFDA website hosts a medical device registry that contains registered products and firms. The new portal is a more comprehensive version of the old registry wherein the information (products or firms) is listed with the summary of the details of each item. In addition, the search results are already tabulated on a continuous table, making it easy for the user to find relevant information on the product and manufacturer/importer. In the old registry, searching for an item will require the user to input the search keywords using the search button on the FDA website.

PFDA aims to improve this new portal to cater to its stakeholders. As a result, the portal is recently suspended for maintenance and updating since October 2020. As of writing, there is no PFDA announcement yet as to when the verification portal will resume.

1.  FDA verification portal launching

2.  FDA verification portal suspension