There are five (5) categories of advertising covers by this COA:

a) Internet advertising

b) Marketing

c) Posters and flyers

d) Sponsorship

e) TV/Radio

The advertisements shall contain accurate and reliable information which does not contain overclaim regarding the intended use of the medical device which likely to mislead the consumers. The claims shall not promote a medical device outside of its approved intended users or patient groups. The GD/0032 has listed the claims that shall not be claimed in the advertisement. The advertising on the internet for a medical device which the content is directed to professional’s healthcare shall contain the warning statement on the website which is “This webpage content is intended for Healthcare Professionals only, not for the general public.”

In both Annexes, Annex A Disease and conditions and Annex B superlatives descriptions, words or phrases contain the claims that shall not allow to be included in the advertisements such as claims or imply the cure of asthma, cancer, chronic insomnia, words that include instant cure, complete cure, world’s best, etc.

Other than that, Annex C listed out the authorities which the establishment may be consulted on queries regarding the advertisements such as Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, etc. The full list can be referred to Annex C.




MDA/GD/0032 Second Edition Code of Advertisement (COA)