In connection with the existence of the Halal Products Certification Agency (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk, BPJPH) along with regulations for the application of halal certification to products (one of which is medical devices containing animal derivatives) circulating in Indonesia. Thus, the Ministry of Finance recently has issued regulation No. 57/PMK.05/2021 concerning Tariffs for the Public Service Halal Products Certification Agency at the Ministry of Religion. The regulation explains that there are main service fees and additional/support services fees. For more details, please see the below table:

Main Service Tariff

Support Service Fees

1. tariffs for halal certification services for goods and services, which includes:

-. halal statement service (self-declare) for micro and small business actors;

-. the regular process of halal certification services;

-. halal certificate renewal services;

-. services for adding variants or types of products; and

-. overseas halal certificate registration service

2. tariffs for Halal Inspection Agency accreditation services;

3. halal auditor registration tariff;

4. halal auditor and halal supervisor training service tariff; and

5. tariff for halal auditor competency certification services and halal supervisor.

1. tariffs on the use of land, rooms, and buildings

2. tariffs for the use of equipment and machinery;

3. laboratory usage tariff; and

4. tariff for the use of motorized vehicles.

Services related to halal certification for medical devices include but are not limited to regular process halal certification, halal certificate renewal services, and overseas halal certificate registration. For now, the Ministry of Finance has set the main service price range. Refer to the below table:

Service Type



halal certification services for goods and

Rp 300.000 – Rp. 5.000.000/certificate


Halal Inspection Agency accreditation

Rp 2.500.000 – Rp. 17.500.000/agency


halal auditor registration

Rp 300.000/person


halal auditor and halal supervisor training

Rp 1.500.000 – Rp. 3.800.000/person


halal auditor and halal supervisor competency certification

Rp 1.800.000 – Rp. 3.500.000/person


*for A: does not include the cost of inspection by the Halal Inspection Agency. The tariff for halal certification services for goods and services as for large business actors or foreign business actors may be imposed 150% higher than the upper limit tariff for services.

*for B, C, D, E: not including accommodation and/or transportation costs if field verification and/or service delivery is required outside the domicile of the Public Service Agency of the Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency

Meanwhile, the support services fee will be determined by the decision of the BPJPH by considering the factors that will affect the price of the service. Furthermore, the Halal Products Certification Agency at the Ministry of Religion can provide services in the field of guaranteeing halal products based on the needs of the service user or in the form of facilitation by other parties through a cooperation contract.


Ministry of Finance No. 57/PMK.05/2021