As 2023 has come upon us, Qualtech would like to wish all of our readers a wonderful year filled with enormous happiness and boundless joy.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually easing and travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, Qualtech has used the opportunity to invite its ASEAN and Japan team members to gather together in our headquarter in Taipei. That is, in order to attend a week-long Southeast Asia regulatory information sharing seminar and Qualtech’s regular monthly training. Having had the possibility available to all jointly gather together had not exist for the past three years, and thus it represented an event that was truly long overdue.
Besides the regulatory seminar and our internal training, our team members were also able to attend Qualtech’s End of the Year party and events. Thus, accounting for precious moments and joyful celebrations.  

As one of Qualtech’s core values is the importance of continuous learning in order to stay updated and ahead of any regulatory changes, we are hosting monthly training sessions to all of our team members. While doing so ensures that we are optimizing and providing the best services to our clients, it also always represents a great chance to improve our team spirit and understanding. We are looking forward to a successful year 2023 with our clients and we hope to continuously grow alongside with you. 


一張含有 數個 的圖片

Impression of Qualtech’s Annual Party of 2022