December 17, 2019

It is honor for Qualtech to receive an invitation from Hujing College, USST for the program ‘Training and Exchange of Precision Medical Innovation Technologies under the Background of Comprehensive Health’ in Shanghai, China from 25th November to 8th, December 2019. Diversity group of trainees consisted of innovators and professors from Brazil, South Africa, Israel, and Singapore, where Qualtech ASEAN represents Malaysia and Thailand. The training is a platform for an access; to the latest policies and hot spots of medical devices in China and the world; an opportunity for face-to-face exchanges with investors and business partners in the medical device industry. One Belt and Road Medical Device Innovation Alliance organized is aimed at four directions: Academic exchanges, Education and training, Scientific innovation, Industrialization.

QT Activity Dec 19 1

 Figure 1: Diverse group of trainees at USST campus for training sessions.

The training topic includes “Development and Thinking of Chinese Medical Industry” and “Accurate Diagnosis of Tumour” etc. These topics allow Trainees to be more engaged with the Precision Medicine; Introduction of Precision Medicine; Overview of Global Medical Device Industry; and Overview of Chinese Medical Industry.

ID Dec 19 2

 Figure 2: Qualtech ASEAN: Malaysia and Thailand representative ready for Project Show.

The training held at Biotech & Medical Device Comp@ss, the workshop organizer. Instructive training topics include “The Progress of Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Mode and the Transformation of Doctors’ Patient fruitful Achievement in China” and “Innovation and Transformation of High-end Medical Devices in China”. The highlight is the Project Show from the Trainees. Local Investors from both Shanghai and Shenzhen were invited to promote innovation and entrepreneurship as well as industrial investment.

QT Activity Dec 19 3

 Figure 3: The atmosphere of workshop platform linking innovators with the entrepreneurship.

This workshop is a platform which link the innovators with the entrepreneurship, furthermore, allow all participants to derived on the innovation that each retained. It is also a great pleasure for Qualtech ASEAN to share our services with the innovators for future collaboration.