Training Time 2021-03-10 17:30(UTC+8)
Training Type External Lecturer [L5]
Speaker 靜宜大學統計資訊學系—李名鏞副教授 (Professor Lee)
Topic 臨床試驗統計方法(隨機分派)
Clinical Research Statistical Methods (Randomization)
Description It’s our pleasure to invite Professor Ming-Yung Lee from Providence University – Department of Data Science and Big Data Analytics & Statistics and Informatices Sceicene to come and share with us Randomization using EXCEL softwares on 2021/3/10 (Wed) 17:30-18:15 (GMT+8).

Dr Lee and Qualtech Clinical Trial Team have cooperated for many years. He currently works in the Department of Statistics and Information Science in Providence University and concurrently providing professional consulting service in Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences Hospital. He is also the Institutional Review Board of Taichung Veterans General Hospital. He specialises in clinical trial analysis and data reliability analysis. With many years of experiences in such field, Dr Lee has great deal of practical experiences and knowledge.

The initial stage of clinical trials design and statistical analysis focuses on scientificity and effectiveness of evaluation, that include: measurable indicators to clinical trial evaluation, each stages of clinical trials, sample size and data analysis methods etc. In this discussion, Dr Lee will teach us how to use Excel to conduct randomization.
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For more information and Professor Lee’s Publications:
Location 台北一辦 (Taipei office 1) (on skype)