Training Time 2020-12-24 04:00(UTC+8)
Training Type External Lecturer [L5]
Speaker 泰可國際–陳哲輝經理
TKMED–Gerard Chen
Topic Retrospective and Prospective on Medical Aesthetic Equipments
Description New technologies develop quickly and continuously, and thus, society is rapidly adapting to these innovations. People are constantly finding new ways to make life easier and improve better quality. Personal health is crucial, but some minor and healthy changes to our appearance can boost our confidence.

To maintain a good and fit appearance, having a regular lifestyle, eating habits, physical and psychological adjustments are fundamental. For patients who have difficulties to achieve their appearance with the routines mentioned previously, such as breast cancer patients who has been through mastectomy and burn injuries patients with skin grafts, cosmetic medical treatments can assist in enhancing and improving the patient's psychological well-being by modifying their body image.

We are delighted to have Gerard Chen from TKMED to come and share with us the retrospective and prospective on medical aesthetic equipment on 2020/12/24 (Thursday) 16:00 (GMT+8).

TKMED International is committed to provide "advanced and safe aesthetic products" to not only consumers but what is more, they provide related commercial services such as machine maintenance and many more. They are also the authorised distributor for the well-known Jeisys Medical. (More information about Taike International Co., Ltd. is as follows:
Location 台北一辦 (Taipei office 1)