Training Time 2020-11-11 09:00(UTC+8)
Training Type External Lecturer [L5]
Speaker 台北醫學大學牙醫學系—張維仁教授 (Professor Chang, Wei-Jen)
Topic Digital Dental Implant Workshop
Description It is our great honour to invite Dr. Wei-Jen Chang, a professor from the school of Dentistry at Taipei Medical University, to speak at the Digital Dental Implant Workshop, which will be held from 2020/11/11 (Wed) to 2020/11/14 (Sat) 09:00-17:30 (GMT+8). During the workshop, Dr. Chang will genuinely share his professional knowledge and practical experiences in clinical dentistry, especially hands-on experiences in using digital intraoral scanners.

Dr. Chang currently teaches at Taipei Medical University, and with such extensive experiences in the dental field, he is also currently the Chairman of the Dental Association. Practicing at Shuangho Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Dr. Chang specializes in Periodontology Disease Treatment, Artificial Dental Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry.
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Human errors can lead to failure or unsatisfactory results due to the minuscule measurements and miscalculations during dental surgery. The contemporary digitalization of dental implant technology not only reduces the length of the surgery time and dental implant process but also improves the accuracy of the data retrieved. We believe through the immense clinical skills and involvement Prof. Chang has, he will provide us a better insight and comprehensive details in digital dental implants.
Location GIS NTU Convention Centre