Training Time 2020-11-19 16:20(UTC+8)
Training Type External Lecturer [L5]
Speaker 國立台灣大學醫學工程學系—林峯輝教授(Professor Lin)
Topic Biomaterial Technology: From Inspiration to Final Product
Description As the pace of technology is advancing exponentially, the effect of improving the quality of health and performance in the healthcare environment is significantly valued. People nowadays are looking for new approaches and improvements in clinical problem solving, in pursuit of better life quality.

To achieve the better health and well-being of our lives, innovative medical technology and product designs are springing up every day. Being a professional consultant at Qualtech, it is essential that we also keep up with the latest technology and embrace updated information.

Moreover, we are pleased to invite Professor Fenghui Lin from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at National Taiwan University to share his experiences on Biomaterial Technology: From Inspiration to Final Product at 16:00 (GMT+8) on November 19th (Thursday).

Professor Lin is a National Taiwan University professor in the Department of Medical Engineering and a Biomedical Engineering research scientist at the National Institutes of Health. He specializes in medical ceramics, composite materials, crystallography, material analysis. Professor Lin is expertise and has comprehensive experiences and knowledge of medical device-related research.

During the lecture, our members received professional suggestions and remarks, as well as an in-depth insight on the latest medical device policy updates. We are convinced that this knowledge will help Qualtech to provide even better services.

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Location 台北一辦 (Taipei office 1)