E-katalog is an electronic information system serves as product catalogue that published online through https://e-katalog.lkpp.go.id/ and open for public. Through E-katalog, government institution can see the detail of the product including the brand, supplier, technical specification and price and buy the product needed through e-purchasing. This system is managed by National Public Procurement Agency (in Indonesia known as LKPP). The product must go through several verification and qualification before it can be featured in E-katalog. The application can only be filed to LKPP, when LKPP announce that they open the E-katalog registration for specific products. For Medical Devices, usually E-katalog registration is opened once in a year or depends on the needs of public institution. In 2020, LKPP has opened the registration of an e-katalog for domestic medical device products and several medical products for handling Covid-19. Registration for domestic medical devices was opened at September 4th, while for COVID-19 related medical devices was opened at October 23th.

LKPP explains about the required documents in the form of bidding documents. This bidding document consists of qualification documents, administrative documents, technical and price quotation. It should be noted that the goods price offered in E-katalog should include Taxes , testing / calibration costs, training costs, installation costs, assistance, licensing fees, profits and taxes, fees, levies, and other charges and insurance costs) into consideration. The following is the registration flow:

In the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic, the verification / clarification stage is done in an online method. Meanwhile, Price Negotiation Stage still will be done face-to-face with taking COVID-19 health protocol procedure.

After end of the COVID-19 medical device related products registration process, there is a possibility that LKPP will open registration of E-katalog for imported medical device products that have been registered at the Ministry of Health. However, definite timeline hasn’t been announced yet.


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